Terri's Tiny Tots

Custom Babies

I do accept custom orders. They will cost a little more than the babies I just make and sell on ebay or facebook as more time goes into them regarding helping the customer pick the kit, specifications, paperwork, photos, etc. 

How do I get the baby of my dreams? The best way is to look at babies on ebay. Those are usually the current kits available. Babies on my facebook page are all sold and most were Sold Out, Limited Edition kits and the sculpt/kit is no longer available. I will put some links at the bottom of the page that will take you to some kit suppliers. Once a kit has been decided on, we will go over the specifications that you want in your baby (eye color, hair color, thickness, skin tone, magnetic pace, baby scent , etc) and I will draw up a contract with all of the specifications and pricing for you to sign so we will both be "on the same page", so to speak, and there will be no confusion. 

Your custom will take approximately 10-12 weeks, although if I finish him/her earlier and he/she is paid off, I will send it out earlier . Photos will be taken at each stage of the painting process for approval. If there are any changes you would like(ex: more blushing, less blushing, more mottling, etc) you can decide that before I go to the next layer. Genesis Heat Set Paints are meant to build on each other so I usually put about 30 thin coats on the baby to get that 3 dimensional look to the skin. Once painting is complete, I will proceed to the rooting. This is very tedious and takes the most time. Each hair is individually rooted into the vinyl. Photos will be sent along this process, as well

When hair is sealed, baby assembled, photo shoot complete, paperwork finished, etc. Final photos will be sent for approval. An invoice for final payment plus shipping will be sent. Once paid, baby will be sent USPS Priority Mail with Insurance and Signature Confirmation. This is to ensure that no babies are left on doorsteps ;)

This lists some of the Dealer Sites available to look at the different kits available. Bountiful Baby sells the cheapest kits as they contract with a few Sculptors that work mainly with them. They tend to mass produce their kits and have less detail that other kits by other Sculptors/dealers, JMO. Their vinyl is poured in China. I like to reborn vinyl that is from Germany or other places. Again.....JMO.