Terri's Tiny Tots

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I have written a Guide to Buying Reborn dolls for eBay. Please check it out, and vote, if it was helpful to you :)


All babies on this website have found homes.. I also have a Facebook page...Terri's Tiny Tots Originals. I have mainly taken custom orders for the last 3+ years so all babies on my facebook have been custom made to someone else's specifications and are sold. 




 I do offer up to 3 months layaway on certain babies. I require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of usually $150-$200 depending on the kit chosen. This secures your custom slot and allows me to order the kit and supplies needed to start your baby. Once supplies are ordered, and you change your mind, I cannot give a refund on the deposit. The remaining balance will be divided up evenly by your choice of payments (either twice monthly or monthly) and over the time you would like to pay(2 or 3 months). The final payment will have the shipping attached. I ship all babies USPS Priority Insured with Signature Confirmation. Shipping in the US usually runs around $30. I work through Paypal ONLY and will ship baby to a paypal Verified address ONLY. 

Custom Orders

I do take custom orders, however, there is usually a waiting list of 6-9 months. These babies cost a little more, due to the extra time involved in helping the client to locate the perfect sculpt, additional time in communication and uploading photos--to get the baby just right. Custom orders take approximately 10-12 weeks, depending on the season. I do not take custom orders around Christmas time. A non-refundable deposit is collected and a contract is written and agreed upon to be certain that both parties are on the same 'page". 



 The starting price of a newborn sized reborn is approximately $750.00. There are hundreds of doll sculpts(the doll or kit-unreborned)  to work with, and varying prices for those. A Bountiful Baby kit can cost around $50-75. Some other sculpts can run upward of $200.00 BEFORE they are reborned. Prices depend on the initial start up cost to begin the reborn process. Add into that, the cost of mohair, stuffing and weighting material, limb length, belly plate or torso, eyes, and the clothing. I use only the highest quality products for my babies. My motto is  "You get what you pay for".  I can work within any budget, however, don't expect to get an eight hundred doll for two hundred dollars. ! Please contact me for custom orders and questions.