Terri's Tiny Tots

About the Artist

My name is Terri Crisp and I am the artist behind Terri's Tiny Tots Originals.  As a child, I loved dolls--of any kind. I still have a lot of earlier, vintage Barbies, Chrissy, and Shirley Temple! As I grew older, I enjoyed painting and crafting things. As an adult, I became a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and worked with newborns and premature babies. After 12 years, I became severely allergic to latex and was forced to retire. My allergy had gradually gotten worse over the years, from just affecting my skin, to affecting my respiratory system. 

In 2003, my doll loving daughter was looking at dolls on eBay and came across a reborn, which, compared to now, was just an "enhanced" doll with a wig. I purchased it, and with my painting experience and neonatal experience thought ..."hmmm...you could really make this baby look real with this and that, etc". My wheels began to turn. So did a lot of other artists. I researched it, joined a lot of groups with other artists,(experienced artists eager to show a new artist how to reborn), made sure I purchased the proper supplies and paints, etc. 

This was in 2005 when there were no kits made. Reborning meant purchasing a Berenguer vinyl play doll, striping it of factory paint, replacing the eyes, sanding the head of molded lines and painting it with Folk Art paint and stencil creams. About 4 months into my reborning, Genesis Heat Set Paints, made for vinyl came into play and the cheap craft paints and stencil creams were tossed. They have been around a long time in the artistry world and are a proven paint.  I finally had all my supplies, tutorials, etc and began reborning dolls in the fall of 2005.  This allowed me to continue with my love of dolls, while filling the need to care for babies.

I have been married for 32 years to my childhood sweetheart. We have two grown daughters, one granddaughter and a grandson..  We have a 4 1/2 acre "mini-farm" in which I did raise my own Angora goats.  For years, I cut, process and dyed my own hair for my babies, and occasionally sold it, when time permit. It was very time consuming! Last year we decided to scale down the "farm". Sold the goats, sheep, ducks and various animals we had obtained when the girls lived at home. We did keep the chickens as we love fresh farm eggs. I still have tons of mohair left from shearings so I will still be able to do my own mohair! 

I get asked often, "how long does it take to complete a baby?".  I am a perfectionist so no baby gets sold unless I am completely satisfied with it. I have had a baby completed before, then taken it apart to add more hair, add more detailed "splotches", change eye color etc. Some days I am not feeling "artistic" or creative and I do NOT want to have to paint that day. I know I will not do my best work on that day. I do not feel it would be fair to my customer to do so either. Also...life happens. My daughter has had two back to back troubled pregnancies, grandbaby has been sick, planning a wedding for daughter #2, etc. Does this mean I don't have time to reborn....Gosh no! I do have to pay the bills, lol. :)

I have babies all over the world, including, Spain, Singapore, Belgium, Australia, Holland and Canada. I love bringing babies to "life" and making others happy.  Some adoptive Moms have purchased babies that resemble their children or grandchildren, while others, are just doll collectors.

I am a member of various groups that strive to learn more about the reborn industry and collectively share ideas with each other.

In February 2015, Ebay compiled  list of the top 10 Reborn Artists and I was honored to be among them. (copy link and put in browser to read about me). I have been honored to paint two prototype babies for Artists. I have been published several times in magazines and last year, 2017 was contacted by a Film Producer to make a premature baby for a Feature Film set to be released this year!